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We offer the ultimate martial arts experience! But, don’t just take our word for it - read our rave reviews!

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"Great place to learn martial arts for adults and children. Family-friendly instructors who really care about you. Children learn respect, discipline, and the value of hard work. Adults develop a level of fitness unparalleled by other workouts. I would highly recommend VAMAI." - Honorable Judge Wilson

"I recommend VAMAI to everybody. It made a big change on me and I'm happy with it. I lost 104 Pounds in 12 months. I really enjoy this sport, the institute and the people involved." - Mr. Chong

"As the father of young twin boys, I enthusiastically recommend VAMAI to parents of small children considering martial arts. The instructors, led by Master T, provide solid instruction in fundamentals with strong emphasis on discipline, self-control, integrity, and perseverance. Other reviews note that VAMAI is a family; this is absolutely true. The dojo provides a very real sense of community, most visible during belt ceremonies when parents and friends watch with pride as hard work is rewarded. Five stars."  As a former Marine and father of two boys who trained at VAMAI, I enthusiastically recommend it to parents considering a course of instruction that increases the discipline, self-control, confidence, and skill of their child. The instructors lead by example and provide a safe, respectful and fun learning environment that quickly becomes a family. Watching my boys develop, I wish that I had had the opportunity to benefit from VAMAI when I was their age. Five stars. - Mr. Weide

"As a parent, I am always concerned about the influences that teachers, coaches, and other adults will have on my sons. After visiting several Tae Kwon Do schools, I found that Virginia Martial Arts Institute was the best fit for my sons and for me. As a family, we made the decision to come to Virginia Martial Arts Institute because of the Master's commitment to instilling the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do in my sons as well as all the children who enter VAMAI. The goals that I have for my sons are shared by VAMAI for all of their students. Those goals include seeing children learn and achieve as well as maturing into responsible capable people. The instructors have developed a community of students and families that encourage the children to be the best people that they can be. The boys have trained and VAMAI for almost two years learning discipline and how to focus. For each succession of belt tests, the boys have been challenged to do their best with each new movement. The desire to achieve has extended beyond Tae Kwon Do and has been invaluable in school as well as the other sports for which the boys are involved. If anyone is looking for an encouraging and thriving environment for their children to learn Tae Kwon Do, I recommend that they attend a class and see what VAMAI has to offer. I have been happy with VAMAI and look forward to having my sons continue in their growth and succession to black belt." - Mr.  Drafton

"Coming to VAMAI has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. I had done martial arts before moving to DC and had stopped because I could not find the same atmosphere. I found that extended family feel at VAMAI. I love the combination of discipline and support and fun. VAMAI has also helped me to regain the physical fitness that I enjoyed when I was younger and improved my flexibility. I look forward to the evenings when I can make class. It helps me to relieve the stress and pressure from work or other obligations." - Mr. Seckel

"When it comes to VAMAI, their Instructors are definitely top notch. They truly care about their students and go out of their way to give them help, whether it's Tae Kwon Do, school or problems at home. Tae Kwon Do and the VAMAI instructors have helped my son Dalton to be a focused, disciplined and self confident child. Since receiving letter grades, he has always been on the A-B Honor Roll. Dalton's teacher commented on his end of the year report card that he was a 'role model' for his classmates. This is due in part to the 5 tenets of Tae Kwon Do that he's been taught at VAMAI, and by the example of their instructors." - Ms. Kempe

"Last summer, when my daughter asked to take Tae Kwon Do, I thought she must be kidding. She's too small… too timid… too awkward for martial arts! I have to say it's been an amazing transformation. VAMAI instills a sense of pride and community. Here, each and every student strives to exemplify the tenets of Tae Kwon Do - courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. It's through these tenets and the encouraging guidance of VAMAI instructors that make such a positive impact. Today, even I attend. The program has been a wonderful experience for me. I feel healthier than ever before and VAMAI's welcoming atmosphere fosters great relationships among students, parents and instructors alike. It makes coming to class seem more like visiting family." - Ms. Davis

"I decided to enroll my children in an activity that taught them discipline, focus, balance and strength. After searching, I found VAMAI. Skilled and decorated instructors that are warm, caring, yet stern and respected. My children love coming here to work out, learn and make friends. VAMAI is very family oriented as well. Its my home away from home. I have recently become a proud member of VAMAI along with my two children and I love it. Consistency, respect, precision and discipline are just a few aspects of life that VAMAI had taught my children. First of all, We want to thank you for a job well done. The work you have done and continue to do and results you have provided went far beyond any expectations we had. You guys are amazing. You have transformed our children and we appreciate you for that. Thank you for a job well done. We look forward to what the future at VAMAI has to offer us." - Ms. Clark

"When it comes to choosing a Martial Arts school for your child its easily comparable to purchasing a new car. You never now what to "really" expect until its "too late". Virginia Martial Arts Institute not only prides itself for an exceptional caring and nurturing environment it also caters to each students individual needs while making him/her feel part of large family where they can strive to achieve all tenets of Tae Kwon Do and much more. I couldn't have asked for a better school and much less better instructors - as they are all fully committed to the word "dedication". Thank you VAMAI! - Ms. Pierson

"We love VAMAI. Everyone is treated like family. My 4-year-old looooooooves it." - Mr. Stone

"Not many words can describe VAMAI! Master T, Mr. Ricky, Mr. Lonnie, Ms. Lilian and Mr. Adrian have an awesome school. We joined 4 1/2 yrs ago as a way to teach my youngest daughter how to better defend herself. What we got instead was a family; a family that cares dearly for the well being of all their students and their families. Their (our) theme of family first is evident immediately and truly is the reason why VAMAI stands out from the rest. So if you're looking for a school that prides itself in personal development more than just kicking some butt, then you should come on by and visit, watch then join!" - Mr. Cox

"I started taking class at VAMAI after My 40th birthday because I simply wanted to lose weight. After little over 2 years, Yes I lost weight but I gained something That Ive never had in my life. Choosing this school was the best decision Ive ever made. All the instructors are very hard on you but at the same time they are very kind. Like they are my family. I love this place!!! Thank you VAMAI!" - Ms. Kato Cox

"Before I came here, I always had trouble finding the motivation to work out. Now I look forward to working up a sweat each week! I'm leaner, stronger, quicker, and in far better health than a year ago. The instructors work you hard but don't push you beyond what you can handle. More than that, you can tell that every instructor wants to be there and help you. I love this place and am so grateful for everything I have learned. I'd recommend VAMAI in a heartbeat!" - Mr. Kish

"I love the VAMAI and the would recommend it for anyone (I am over 45). The teachers are so respectful and real. You will learn confidence and you will get fit. This school is as god for your mind as for your body. I will enroll my daughter soon." - Mr. Sangare King

"Best martial art classes. Very friendly and good teachers. They love what they doing. My kid loves VAMAI. She's getting very strong. I would recommend everybody." - Ms. Uyanga

"A Definitely YES to VAMAI. One of the best instructors in DC metro area. The instructors teach everything your child needs to know and enable them to become independent thinkers. They are great both for the parents. Enroll your children to experience it." - Mr. Ramakrishnan